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Students, teachers, professors and trainers receive free access with the functionality of the PDF option (see feature matrix below) if they can prove educational usage. There are two ways to do this:

  • If we already know your institution, the PDF option is automatically activated when you create your user account. The recognition is based on your email address. Therefore, be sure to register with the email address of your student or institute account. If the automatic activation was successful, you will be informed with a confirmation email of your registration and you will find a corresponding note on the work surface and on the PDF printout.
  • As a second option, you can upload a certification document (e.g. evidence of formal qualification) in the account overview of your user account. Navigate to "Free in training" and then "2. Possibility: Upload certificate of study”. Here you can upload a certificate from your institute / school / university. Files in PDF format and scans / photos in JPG or PNG format are accepted. Please note that the maximum file size is limited to 2 MB. Scans and photos may need to be downsized before uploading.

In both cases, the PDF option is activated for a period of 13 months. After this time your user account will change to a free basic account, which will be available in the evening from 6 p.m. and on weekends. For an extension, please upload a valid studying certificate again.

Instructors, teachers and professors (hereinafter referred to as "teachers") can also use the options mentioned above.

In addition, teachers can apply for license packages for their students. A license package consists of a corresponding number of license codes that the teacher distributes to his students. To do this, each student first needs a free basic account. After the student has entered the license code in the account overview of his user account (navigate to "Free in training" and then to "1st possibility: semester ticket"), the PDF option is activated free of charge.

If you would like to use this opportunity as a teacher, please send us proof of your teaching activity as well as the desired number of licenses and the period in which the licenses are to be used. Write to the email address given in the imprint.

General notes

The activation is always connected with an user account. The general activation of a certain device / laptop / IP address is not possible. For data protection reasons, user accounts must always be created or registered by the future user himself. We cannot register or create a user account on behalf of you.

The reproduction of graphics and other content in theses is permitted if the origin is referenced.

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Infos & Kosten
Infos & Kosten
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Gekreuzte Balkenlagen checkcheckcheck
Anpassbares PDF-Dokument checkcheck
Baustofffarbe frei wählbar checkcheck
Baustoffe aus DIN 4108-4 & DIN 10456 checkcheck
U-Wert nach DIN 6946 checkcheck
Feuchteschutz nach DIN 4108-3 checkcheck
3D-Ansicht im PDF-Dokument check
Berechnungen in Ordnern speichern check
Eigene Wärmeübergangswiderstände check
Speicherplätze für Berechnungen151002501000
Eigene Baustoffe3100100100
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Alle Angaben und Berechnungen dienen nur der Information und müssen vor einer Nutzung von einer sachverständigen Person überprüft werden. Im Übrigen gelten unsere AGB.
Die gewerbliche Nutzung ist mit Plus-Option, PDF-Option oder Profi-Option gestattet.

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