Exterior wall, U=0,29 W/m²K

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U-value: 0,29 W/m²K
Surface temperature.:
inside (min/medium): 17.6 / 17.6 °C
outside (min/medium): -14.6 / -14.6 °C
sd-value: 2,67 m
No condensate
Drying reserve: 1176 g/m²
Temp.Amplitudendämpfung: 526,3
phase shift: 18,5 h
heat storage capacity: 684 kJ/m²K
heat storage capacity: 581 kJ/m²K

Impact of each layer and comparison to reference values

For the following figure, the thermal resistances of the individual layers were converted in millimeters insulation. The scale refers to an insulation of thermal conductivity 0,045 W/mK corresponding to 'Mineraldämmplatte' in this component. The millimeter scale also shows, how much additional insulation would be necessary to achieve various standards.

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Moisture proofing

This component is free of condensate under the given climate conditions.

Mould protection

The temperature of the inside surface is 17,6 °C leading to a relative humidity on the surface of 58 %.

Mould formation is not expected under these conditions.

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