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Drying reserve for flat roof wooden construction according to DIN 68800-2
NANEES (2 Beiträge)
on 1.9.20
Is it possible to make a construction specified in the title that would meet the requirement from DIN of 250 g / m2 drying reserve?

I have not been able to make a construction that would meet this condition and I have also not been able to find an example of the same on the forum, so I am interested in whether a wooden structure that does not meet this condition can be used?
AndreasTeich (995 Beiträge)
on 9.9.20
There should be several conditions fulfilled for the said requierements,
i.e. dark roof surface, kapillary insulation material like woodfibre or cellulosis, vapour barrier with low or variable sd-values etc.
These conditions can‘t be implemented in the software- you would need a software like WUFI or DELPHIN.

Andreas Teich
Gebäude-Energieberater, Planungsbüro, Bau- und Sanierungsberatung,, Ankaufsgutachten

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